Derrick Mitchell Design, LLC

Derrick Mitchell Design (aka DMD) opened its doors in the summer of 2008 as a small boutique marketing agency that specialized in custom website development and graphic design solutions for businesses both big and small. We have since grown to offer many design, consulting, development, and SEO services to clients all over the United States.

The DMD process is fueled by the simple desire to offer businesses a better solution than the overpriced, drawn-out website and print design trends that have become the industry standard. Does this sound familiar? Extreme budgets, extended timelines, and deliverables that never quite match up with the original vision – there is a better way. Because of our desire to break free of the same old pattern, DMD proudly focuses on a streamlined design process, low overheads, one-on-one customer attention, and consistent quality.

Derrick Mitchell

Owner / Sr. Graphic Designer and Web Developer

Derrick Mitchell is the best type of designer to have on your side: one part artist, one part dreamer, and one part branding zealot, he is passionate about finding the best solution to each and every design dream that his clients bring to him, and then doing whatever it takes to turn those dreams into reality.

He has worked on countless projects, including international websites, blog sites, collateral and identity systems for business startups, and complex marketing updates for large corporations – just to name a few. The endless possibilities available creatively in both print and online mediums serve to fuel his imagination and beckon him to explore design in new ways each day.

Jennah Mitchell

Owner / Editor,  Project Manager, and SEO specialist

If DMD were a Nascar race, Jennah would be the pit crew leader. She directs project traffic, ensuring that each client and job on deck receives the care and attention it needs to flourish. She has been helping manage the DMD projects since 2008, and has also managed to cultivate a thriving writing business to complement the DMD service offerings.

Whether the needs are editing, ghost writing, SEO management, or anything in between, Jennah can help bring any project’s vision and purpose to the forefront. She loves helping clients put words and graphics to the dreams they have for their business.